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Grinding Wheel Storage

AJW Solutions (UK) Ltd offer Grinding Wheel solutions to meet your specific requirements and help you to comply with the Health and Safety Executive regulations contained within PUWER 1998 (Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998).

Grinding Wheel storage has always been a problem - we can offer you the solution by supplying you with a flexible storage solution which will assist against Grinding Wheel damage and the dangers this can cause. If incorrectly stored they can become damaged and easily break which ultimately can pose not only a great risk to the personal safety of the machinist, but also significant damage to the machine and the project being worked on which can prove costly to your business.


Pull-out units so you can use the total drawer size. Supplied with bespoke wooden units to stop metal to wheel contact. Also drawers,  pull-out shelves as required that can be moved to give gaps to meet a customer's specific requirements. The drawers and pull-out shelves are movable with a 50mm gap.


Because they are pull-out drawers and shelves, the total depth of drawers or shelves can be utilised giving you the maximum storage you require. Additional benefit makes it easier to load or unload either by hand, or if heavy, by suitable lifting equipment without disturbing or damaging other wheels.


The Drawers have a 200kg per drawer load capacity. We can offer a 350kg pull-out shelf if required.

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