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Heavy duty pull-out racking

AJW Solutions (UK) Ltd offer Heavy Duty pull out racking for easy of storage of items (e.g. fixtures, mould tools or heavy items) up to a heavy duty loading capacity of 1000kg per shelf.   


The benefits of pull-out racking are the ease of being able to manually move pallets backwards and forwards in a drawer-like fashion, thereby  making access to the pallet easier. This is particularly important when loading or unloading in enclosed spaces with restricted access to fork lift operation. . 


They also help to comply with HSE (Health and Safety Executive) rules because you can use overhead cranes to remove items off the racking. Additionally, being pull-out, you can easily put lifting straps etc on to enable lifting off the racking without damaging the pallet items. 


The pull-out racking allows you to easily pull out  the shelf so the items,  jig, fixture can be removed by using a suitable lifting equipment with capacity up to 1000kg per shelf. 

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