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LISTA SLIM provides you with a particularly efficient solution for your intralogistics. The system offers a high loading capacity with low unladen weight. The lifting height can be adjusted up to 3 m depending on the lifting capacity. With 360° collision protection, millimetre-accurate navigation and automatic charging function, the SLIM sets standards in terms of safety and reliability. All important components come from renowned manufacturers. This puts the SLIM well ahead of the competition in terms of quality and cost-effectiveness.


900 × 700 × 300 mm (L × W × H)


1.5 m/s (max)

Pallet type

Two entry points

Lift height

0 mm – 1600 mm (up to 3000 mm)

Pallet size

max. 1200 mm × 1000/800 mm

Aisle width

1600 mm (min)


1400 kg

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